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What is DrabNot?

DrabNot is a production initiative of Alexander Films that services charities and non-profit organizations by producing narrative feature films which organically build in the charitable mission.

Why a DrabNot film?

DrabNot films are professionally produced, independent, feature-length tools for fundraising, educating, and entertaining a potential audience. More engaging than a bake sale.

Is DrabNot right for me?

DrabNot productions are specifically for charities and organizations who are hungry for alternative methods of fundraising, have an intriguing story to tell, and are excited to partner with a professional production company.

Raise Funding

DrabNot is a new approach to charitable and organizational fundraising. Alexander Films is committed to giving 100% of the film’s profits to support the partner charity as well as other non-profit and charitable causes.

Raise Awareness

DrabNot productions capture the hearts of your audience through narrative, engaging, organic storytelling. There’s no preachy message, so the audience can truly enjoy the entertainment experience.

Raise Support

DrabNot films are a call to action. By spreading the message, through a narrative feature film that organically integrates the organization’s mission, charities and non-profits will engage their audience in a dynamic way.