Project name:

Crew magic

Project description:

IMG_2009 IMG_2040 IMG_2038 IMG_2087

Top left photo to bottom right photo:

  • Plotting how to handle a moving vehicle. From left to right: Marc A Hutchins (director), Rob Ruscher (DP), and James Odell (gaffer).
  • Camera and GNE are friends. From left to right: Micah Hutchins (AC), James Odell (gaffer), and Hank Snyder (grip).
  • Rachel Armstrong (production design) and Roanoke City police officer/production liaison/actor, “Uncle Kenny”.
  • Sound department on day #4 — Train yard scene. Props master is bombing the photo. From left to right: Wendy Wilson (prop master), Jonah Guelzo (location sound mixer), Tyler Lyon (boom op), and Carson Farmer (utility tech).